Universal Service, Affordability, and Customer Protection for Residential Utility Consumers.

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1976 -  In response to the energy crises of the 70’s, PULP was created as a “special projectâ€� of a local community action agency and the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, with the support from the federal Legal Services Corporation.

1981 - After years of research and effort, PULP, and other consumer advocates, participated in the passage of the Home Energy Fair Practices Act (“HEFPA�) - a landmark “Bill of Rights� for residential energy consumers.

1982 - The New York Legislature began funding PULP and has continued to do so for over two decades.

1984 - Responding to the advocacy of PULP and others, PSC adopts Telephone Fair Practices regulations to protect residential telephone consumers.

1986 - PULP appointed to represent low income consumers on the HEAP Block Grand Advisory Council.

1988 - PULP appointed to represent low income consumers on the Weatherization Assistance Program Policy Advisory Council.

1994 - PULP joins with the PSC and industry in achieving nation’s first privacy protected computer matching program to enroll low income customers for reduced telephone rates.

1995 - PULP participated in a PSC proceeding which created a $50 million fund for introducing advanced telecommunications to disadvantaged neighborhoods.

1997 - PULP appointed to Targeted Assistance Fund to represent low income telephone customers.

1998 - PULP, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, sponsored the “Connecting All Americans� conference to examine the challenges for telecommunications customers and providers associated with bridging the digital divide.

2001 - PULP Executive Director appointed Chair of Electricity Committee of the National Association of Utility Consumer Advocates.

2002 - PULP appointed to the NYSERDA System Benefits Charge Advisory Committee to represent low income consumers.

2002 - PULP legislation, with support and advocacy from AARP, was enacted to provide HEFPA protections to customers of non-utility electricity and gas suppliers.