Universal Service, Affordability, and Customer Protection for Residential Utility Consumers.

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PULP is dedicated to advancing the interests of low income and rural consumers in telecommunications matters . 

PULP participates in state and FCC regulatory proceedings related to universal service, Lifeline rates, methods to increase telephone subscribership of low income households and expansion of broadband service to low income and rural communities.

Articles and Reports

Groups call for cell phone companies to offer consumer protections - The Capital Business Review - 03-24-2004

Taking Broadband Internet Access to the Last 'Last Mile': To Rural America - NY Times - 03-24-2004

AARP and PULP Urge Consumer Protections for All Wireless Phone Users, Press Release 3/24/04

Con Edison Communications Launches PowerNet Internet, PowerCall Voice Services - 03-14-2004

The Continuing Abuse Of Market Power By The Cable Industry: Rising Prices, Denial Of Consumer Choice, And Discriminatory Access To Content. Consumer Federation of America, February 2004

Thorny Issues Await F.C.C. on Internet Phones - NY Times - 02-09-2004

Package Deals for Phone Calls Are All the Rage - Buffalo News - 02-23-2003

Cablevision Launches Internet Phone Service - Newsday - 02-20-2003

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