Universal Service, Affordability, and Customer Protection for Residential Utility Consumers.

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Welcome To The Customer Help
And Information Center

The Customer Help and Information Center is for individuals with energy, telecom, or other utility problems, and for legal aid lawyers and advocates seeking information or consultation to better assist their low income clients.  They can receive advice from highly qualified PULP staff, by e-mail or telephone.

Continuous utility service is essential to life, health, and the well being of households, their neighbors, and communities. PULP is committed to providing information needed to halt or reverse utility terminations and denials. 

PULP conducts training conferences throughout the state on Preventing Utility Terminations and other topics relating to universal service, affordability and utility customer protection.

PULP gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the New York State Bar Foundation in preparing information about utility consumer rights and remedies. PULP is solely responsible for the content. 

Please send your suggestions for new HELP Center topics, issues, or questions of a general nature about utility consumer rights and remedies to